How to do a Landscape Poster using OpenOffice : Tutorial


If you want to make a good poster or a banner, then adopting a  landscape view will be the best choice. And you may have noticed that ‘portrait’ view  is the default layout in most of the word processors.

This edition of techblog tells you how to make a landscape poster (just like the one shown below) using Open source tools.


 poster - using openoffice landscape


Using Open Office Writer


This is preferred if your poster has more text and few pictures. You can change the layout by editing the settings. First of all, open the ‘Stylist’ in open office by pressing  F11.


openoffice styles formatting


Now click on the forth icon from left to select the page styles available. Here you can see the ‘landscape’ style.

openoffice landscape view settings


Right click on the landscape style and select new. Customize it further (well, this step is optional) and select this style for your new document.


openoffice landscape - new style

Openoffice also allows you to give custom names to your customised landscape new. You can configure other options like headers or footers in this style itself so that it will be automatically added to the poster every time  you edit a new file. This option is very useful if you are going to print different banners or posters to promote a new product or your company!


openoffice landscape - custom style

Once you make the selection, you can see that the ‘style’ of the document is automatically changed to your custom style.


openoffice landscape


Using Openoffice Draw


To be frank, I started using this application only a couple of weeks back. And I found this to be very handy if you have more pictures in your poster. It is also very useful if you want to add more ‘shapes’ (geometrical shapes) in your poster.

The application allows you to add columns, tables, shapes, pictures from your computer and so on.

But ,by default, this application is also using the portrait view.


openoffice draw


In order to change this layout to landscape view, you need to go to Format –> Page… option in the menu bar.


openoffice draw format page


This will allow you to configure the page settings (of the current page that you are editing). Here you can find the ‘Orientation settings’ and you can change the option to ‘landscape’. You may configure the margins as well. Another interesting aspect is that you can select the print format of the page, so that you can edit the document in that view itself. Say for example, if you want to print the poster in an A1 sheet you can select A1 here and see how your document looks like. Hence there won’t be any issue associated with scaling when you finally print the document. 

But please note that this option cannot be saved as we did in the case of Openoffice writer. This means that you need to change the settings each time you create a new poster.


openoffice draw landscape


Once you change the option, you can see that the orientation of the page has been changed to landscape.


openoffice landscape - using draw


But if you wish to make this change permanent, then you can set this (new settings) as the default one. You may also enable the ‘page orientation’ warning in the ‘Print options’ (see the Format –> Options menu).


openoffice print options


This will help you to print a good poster in landscape format.

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