Apple’s iPad Vs Notion Ink’s Adam


When Apple released its new product iPad, the event lured much of media attention. Since Apple knows how to market their products properly, it attracted almost all the Apple/Mac fans (or maniacs as some people might call themselves) and even some of them decided to try their new product.

Most of these users didn’t see another product (whose release was also announced during the same time) which was hidden in the murky corners of the newspapers. This edition of techblog is dedicated to unravel this new product – Adam!

It is a product developed by a little know company (a startup)  – Notion Ink . The interesting feature associated with Adam is that it is ‘not closed’. This means that you will have complete freedom to do what ever you want to do with the product you bought.


Notion Ink Adam promotion picture


Why Adam?

You might ask why should one buy a new product that too from startup company? Well, before we compare it with Apple’s iPad let us see the configuration details of Adam.


  • It comes with a NVIDIA Next Generation Tegra (2 ARM Cortex A9 cores) and will give an unprecedented and amazing media experience
  • It automatically changes the background light of the screen (PixelQi screen) so as to suit the external lighting environment. It will save your battery life and is good for your eyes.
  • The tablet has Notion Ink’s 3.2 MP Swivel Camera with Auto Focus ability
  • Very portable – one of the lightest tablets weighing around 650 gm
  • Just like the Market place in Android (or iStore in iPhone), it has a special App (Application) download centre
  • The gadget supports Flash (10.1)
  • It is a multi touch enabled device
  • If you are using a NexusOne, then you must have tried ‘voice commands’. Adam also supports those commands
  • It has 3 high speed USB ports and one expandable SD card slot. (This will allow you to connect your USB keyboard to this tablet)
  • And most importantly it supports Open Source software platform!



Notion Ink Adam



If you buy an Apple iPad, you are stuck with the iPhone OS (The first release will come with the version 4.0). But if you go for Adam, you can install any Operating System you like. The device comes with Android (it should be 2.1 if I guess it correctly) and you can install any Android version, Ubuntu and many others. When Google releases its Chromium OS, you can try that one as well.

Apple iPad Vs Notion Ink Adam

Here is the comparison chart adapted from the official website:


Apple iPad Vs Notion Ink Adam - a comparison


As you would have seen, iPad will not support Adobe Flash 10.1 and will not have an SD card expansion slot or even a video camera. And if you are a Firefox fan, please note that iPad will not come with a Firefox or Chrome  browser. Moreover Adam has various sensors installed in its core – like proximity sensor, brightness sensor and so on, which also improve the overall performance.


Picture Preview


Adam tablet and its motherboard


Adam tablet with its motherboard


Have a glace at the size of the device……


Adam tablet side view


So far the reviews (based on the specification) of Adam are good. But the final word can only be given after we test the actual device. So you may wait till both the products are out and look for reviews of the products here in this blog.

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